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  • Cusav Entertainment was formulated in 2011. This overnight sensation reunited artisits from Angola, Portugal and the Netherlands at the Club Lido, Revere, MA with the biggest capeverdean show in recent history, at the Mega Show.

    Benny Gonsalves, President and founder of CUSAV Entertainment,continues his mission to provide support to the children of Cape Verde. Once again ,his annual Mega Show brings some of the top artist in Cape Verdean music together on the stage to help raise funds for this great initiative.Select proceeds from the 2011,2012, Mega Show were used to purchase food,educational supplies,toys,arts,& crafts,and recreational items for children of two organizations in Praia,Cape Verde,SOS,AND ICCA .With the welcomingassitence from the directors of SOS and ICCA,Katia Cardoso and Ana Tavares,Benny Gonsalves and his team,consisting of Krystal Deby,Roni Rosario,Cimoyne Alves,and Marcelo Martins,traveled to Cape Verde in February2013 to deliver the donation. Two national companies, TACV ( Cape Verde Airlines ),including some of their pilots and crew members who assisted with packing,and Alfandega ( customs),were instrumental with assisting with this great endeavor and making it all possible to successfully deliver the donations.TCV ( Cape Verde Television ) provided live coverage ,and the group received additional support from international recording artist, TL Dreamz ( To Semedo,and Loony Johnson) along with their manager Bruno Beleza,who were on hand to lend their support as well.The donations brought smiles and tears of joy to the many young faces supported by these organizations,and Benny and his team vowed their continued commitment to this great initiative. A subsequent trip involved the meeting of the First Lady of Cape Verde,Mrs.Ligia Fonseca,whose similiar platform with supporting children's programs,led to discussions about how these initiatives could further collaborate in the future and continue to provide support for the children of Cape Verde for years to come!!!!!